Can’t delegate? Won’t delegate?

Delegation is a key management skill. When done effectively, it can save you valuable time, improve team performance, reduce your workload and lower stress levels, enhance skills of individuals and teams and really develop your people. These benefits are well known. But studies indicate that delegation is not as widely used as you may think… continue reading

Candid with your Coaching?

We are all aware of the benefits of coaching in improving performance. Using tried and tested models, and careful guidance, the coachee discovers the solution for himself and the buy-in/ commitment is achieved. This is often done in a non threatening way. After all, we don’t want to upset anyone! But is that method right… continue reading

Try our skills development programmes

This graphic will give you some idea of the subject areas of the programmes we can design and deliver. As you can see, a wide range of critical business skills areas are included. We can take the broad idea from the subject area and discuss with you what learning outcomes you are looking to achieve. Then we… continue reading

Bespoke training for an off the shelf price?

For business training, you need look no further than us. We specialise in management and key business skills training and development. And, when you engage us directly, the cost savings will be significant. As such, we have provided bespoke business skills training for the cost of other “off the shelf” courses. When your training budgets are… continue reading

Being Assertive Can Improve Your Relationships

Having an assertive communication style is generally good but many leaders and followers have a more passive style, possibly because they confuse assertiveness with aggression. And they are two different things as the following examples may illustrate. But because they want to avoid aggression, they become passive. In groups, for example,  someone with an assertive… continue reading

New Manager? – Avoid the Pitfalls

If you’re just about to move into a management position for the first time, you might be wondering what’s in store for you. You will be pleased to have been promoted and will be keen to show your mettle. But there are some potential  banana skins that you would be wise to avoid , especially… continue reading

Can’t Coach? Won’t Coach?

Coaching has long been recognised as a vital way of developing skills and abilities in order to boost performance in business. In many organisations, including those in regulated environments, coaching is considered to be a proven approach in assisting with the achievement of targets and also in improving job satisfaction, relationships and general well-being. All… continue reading