What We Do

We tailor our training to suit your needs and objectives. So it’s no help if we simply issue a list of courses. But there are key areas so the following will help you visualise a few of the situations where we can help you. Whatever your requirements though, even if you just want a sounding board, please do get in touch.


We can:

  • Run programmes for all levels of management.
  • Work with those who are new to management and supervision to those at a more senior level.
  • Ensure Managers maximise personal effectiveness through sublime communication and presentation skills
  • Develop Managers’ skills to resolve conflict and build effective teams
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate coaching and feedback, delegation and trust building techniques.



We can:

  • Review existing processes and design and deliver new ones with ongoing assessment.
  • Conduct expert mystery shopping exercises, analyse results for development purposes.
  • Coach and train existing salespeople to improve results through their relationship and selling skills.
  • Improve the skills and results of your face to face , internal and telephone sales people.
  • Train people in professional, discreet lead generation and prospecting activities.
  • Design an appropriate, fit for purpose Training & Competence scheme.


We can:

  • Coach and train people in all the skills necessary to delight customers, offer them a great experience in order to retain them for future business.
  • Design a skills programme which underpins the Treating Customers Fairly regime.
  • If appropriate we can chair customer focus groups, and conduct customer satisfaction surveys.


We can:

  • Run team building days which re-energise, motivate, inspire, re-focus and bond the team.
  • Ensure collaboration is prevalent within your teams with appropriate levels of communication.
  • Ensure that all team members contribute, are valued and subscribe to the team ethos.